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Scrap Removal Company
Scrap Removal Company


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Scrap Metal Recycling
Scrap Metal Recycling


Jackie Packet


Daniel came to our farm and a neighbor, gave both of us a fair quote which both of us accepted. The quote was over 4x higher than the competitor we had a week earlier. He said they would be in our area in 2-3 weeks, and they were. David arrived on our farm cleaned up our metal, swept the area with a magnet and left. They were both friendly and accommodating. Best of all they paid us more than the quote. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Ed Williams

Outlook Area

All done, great job last year!

Ruumi Abassov


If I can suggest to crush your metal junk while getting stack of cash on your hands. Look no further these guys are quick, make life easier and are pros at their craft.

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Scrap Removal Company

About Us

Rustic Scrap Metal is a professional scrap metal removal company that has been proudly serving Saskatchewan since 2013 and has expanded operations to Alberta.


Specializing in farm cleanups, mining scrap, forestry equipment, oil field scrap, construction scrap, as well as the removal of vehicles, trucks, and farm equipment, our team of dedicated professionals make quick work of what may seem like a daunting task.


With a broad range of services and a commitment to efficient service and customer satisfaction, we ensure a hassle-free experience across both provinces.

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